65 Days Ago

I started focusing on gaining my self confidence and being myself again and feeling alive again. I started doing yoga and leg toning exercises even I don’t know if I’m doing it right. De-cluttered and organized all my things, removed things that doesn’t give value to me. Even I’m still in progress on building my…

Let’s talk about self-care.

Although, I have very very few followers here. I’d like to know what your thoughts about self-care. How do you give yourself self-love? What arw your everyday routines? How do you cope up on you busy schedules?

I’m back!

Hello guys! It’s been awhile and a lot of stuff happened and I don’t have anything to share or I don’t feel to. Months ago, I felt extremely down and stagnant and don’t know what to do or what to think. So I listened to different podcasts and watched inspiring videos and it actually helped….

I enjoyed too much today. Forgot all the painful problem I’ve been going through. Now I realized I need to move and plan ahead to finish everything on my goal list this year. Let’s go!!! We can do this.


I’m loving my stretch poses yey! So, I’ve been practicing some stretches and handstand the past few days and I guess practice do realshit progress. Wait, first of all, why am I doing this? Well, I just want to and also since I also like taking some pictures and also my boyfriend helps me do…


I haven’t shared anything from the past few days because I have a lot to do on my acads but finally it’s done I can do anything I want now haha! Anyways, I want to share my fun times with my nephew. He’s 3 and I’m kinda his home teacher and playmate. If you have…


It’s the first rainfall of May here in the Philippines and as I can remember, the older people used to say that children should play outside and enjoy the rain to strengthen a child’s resistance to any disease because it has healing properties. Though, I don’t believe in this that much, I loved the rainfall…


Today, I was upset that I will need to go back to my exhausting homebased job without having any choice but to do it because I need it badly to support my college fees but as much as I wanted to stop doing things I’m good at and the things that will make my life…


Just like plants we must grow. Everyday, we should seek learning in every steps we do whether it may be big or small things that makes you much a better person. And life is lovelier when you grow and believe on things that you can do and not to dwell on things that you can’t….


I have nothing really cool to share today but my heart feels really happy leaving all the anxieties behind. I’ve watched ‘Endgame’ as well and that’s a good cry out there ya’ll. But, I gotta share some of my diecast cars photography. Here you go! Enjoyy and feel free to comment.